A Telecommunications professional with considerable IT and project management experience. Multi-disciplined with experience in Project Management, Business Analysis, Product Development & Management, General Management, Service Management and Network Operations & Maintenance. Specialising in Hi Definition Telepresence, Video Conferencing, Mobile, Voice and Data convergence. I have held positions in operations & maintenance, business development, product development, project management, product management and general management.

Product Development:

My Product Development experience include the successful development and launch of the following products:

Voice over IP (VoIP)
Internet Dial
Geographic and Non Geographic (NGN) numbers
Freephone, Premium Rate Services
Number Portability
Mobile Virtual Service Provision (MVSP)
Post and Prepaid Calling Cards

Project Management:

In addition to the above Product Development experience using the PRINCE2 methodology. I have managed many other complex projects ranging from the installation and commissioning of C&W's Thameside Earth station, DMS250 digital public telephony switches, digital trunk and subscriber microwave radio systems (including point to point and point to multipoint TDMA), metropolitan and trunk fibre and radio distribution nodes, to nationwide radio paging networks etc. See my CV for further details.

Hobbies and Interests:

My hobbies and interests include Amateur Radio, computing and all forms of messaging. My current callsign is G8FXM (ex GW8FXM, M3FXM ) I have an interest in amateur TV broadcasting and all data modes and previously held the TV only callsign of (GW6AJR/T).